My Experience with MS.

It was about 6-1/2 years ago that someone asked me to come to a MS exercise class, in a room at Dan’s company.

I did not come right away. When I saw Kathy again, she asked me to come. It took several times of her asking me before I came. I finally decided to come. I walked through the door and people said “Good Morning.” I was helped on a bike, and started exercising. I have never looked back. The exercise gym has grown by leaps and bounds, with exercise equipment and many more people.

I am so thankful for the volunteers that come every week to help us. The whole experience has been so up lifting. I never thought, at 80 years old, I would get back on a tandem recumbent bike and ride in the MS bike ride. Thank You Jake for riding with me. 

To the man who had the vision to start this wonderful facility, I say thank you. The exercising week after week meant so much to me. It has helped mentally and physically. The fellowship and encouragement with one another, has given me a whole new out look.

Our motto “Just keep Moving” says it all.

Marlene Debuhr