As I read and learn more about the Corona Virus, I’m really torn on what do with our group during these confusing times.  This is truly unchartered waters for all of us.  I’m torn because I know how critical it is for us living with MS to exercise and build a healthy immune system with nutrition, proper hydration and sleep.  I know we all need our group to keep each other moving and living our best life with MS.  On the other hand, we don’t know what we’re dealing with when it comes to the Corona Virus. 

It would tear me up if by chance one of us got the Corona Virus and shared it with others.  Unfortunately, until we learn more about what we’re really dealing with, I’m going to put our group on hold starting tomorrow morning.  We’ll still be communicating on a weekly basis through e-mail and we’ll get back together as soon as we feel it’s safe to. 

I hope you’ll understand and take care of yourself to avoid the epidemic.  I’d highly suggest we all wash our hands with soap and water often, drink plenty of water, get proper rest, build a healthy immune system with nutrition and exercise daily on our own until we can get back together again.  We’ll be riding outside very soon.  That should be a safe place to get together.

When we were doing our research on nutrition, Dr Joel Fuhrman made a lot of sense to me.  He wrote the book “Super Immunity” where he explains in simple language how we can build a strong immune system.  Here’s a link to what Dr Joel Fuhrman has to say about the Corona Virus and what we can do about it.  He has a video you can watch and a document you can download.  I’d highly recommend you check it out.

Here’s what Dr Wahl’s has to say about the Corona Virus.  This is very sensible and detailed information about  what people living with MS can do.  I’d highly recommend you check this out too.

When we were at the National MS Society open house on Tuesday night, someone said “Wouldn’t it be nice if they accidently found a cure for MS as they’re trying find a cure for the Corona Virus?”  I love how people with MS think!  Yes, that would be awesome!  That’s looking for the silver lining isn’t it?

Let’s all do our part of avoiding the Corona Virus and build a strong immune system for ourselves.

Until we get back together again at the group…keep moving and smiling!

Talk to you soon!