As businesses and the country is opening back up, I’ve had quite a few inquiries about when we’re going to start getting back together at the gym.  We need to watch the direction of this pandemic the next couple weeks and see what happens.  I’m hoping we all learned that we need to be personally responsible for doing our part individually to stop the spread.  I’m hoping the number of people infected continues to decline as they have been before everything started opening back up.

Do you know anyone that has a wheel chair accessible van for sale?  I spoke to Jim and Roxanne this past week.  They miss all of us and are looking for a van.  If you know of a van, please let me know and I’ll get the message to Jim and Roxanne.

I’ve had quite a few good news texts and e-mails the past couple weeks.  It always makes me happy when someone works really hard and makes progress.  I appreciate it when you share good news with me.

Bruce Fischer is walking for the first time (again) with his walking poles.  We get good at starting over, don’t we Bruce?  He even took a few steps without them. 

Bruce has worked hard to get back to this point since his car accident last summer and the surgery he needed to go through.  Surgeries are tough for us with MS.  Bruce brought me back to the day I was able to walk down and get my own mail for the first time after my last attack.  It was emotional and exciting.  Thanks for sharing your progress Bruce!

Wendy sent me a text with a video of her walking with her walker all by herself into a building.  Wendy’s worked really hard to be able to achieve this.  She made my day by sharing that video.  I’m so happy for you Wendy!  Keep working hard and making the progress you’re making!  Thanks also for sharing your journey and continuing to believe we can make progress with our MS.  You’re not only believing it; you’re doing it and inspiring me and so many more.  Thank you, Wendy!

I received the nicest phone call from Adam this past week.  As you know, MS has hit Adam really hard at such a young age.  I really needed Adam’s call as I was getting a little down and he picked me up.  As you know, Adam has an amazing sense of humor and makes the best of tough situations.  Unfortunately, Adam has lost the rest of his eye sight and is now blind.  Do you think this broke his spirit?  No way.  He says we all lose something with MS.  He says he lost his eye sight; many have lost so much more.  He’s going to make the best of it.  Adam had me cracking up and laughing with him again on this phone call.  Thank you, Adam!  Again, I really needed your phone call 😊.  Adam, like the rest of us, really wants to get back together soon.  He said to let everyone know he misses us.  We miss you too Adam!

Connie reached out from Florida.  She says she’s staying busy there helping the people she’s staying with and their neighbors. 

She’s loving up a little one, doing some gardening and spending some time in her favorite place, at the beach. 

Connie says she misses all of us.  It was so nice to hear from her.  We miss you too Connie!

Todd, Pam, Joan and Dianne are starting to ride bikes together again and doing some morel hunting. 

I love it when I hear of people getting together and getting outside doing things together.  Thanks for sharing your fun!  Nice shed too!!

Traci is being entertained by the visitors at her bird feeder.  Fun stuff!

Lots of people are doing what we suggest doing, having fun and making progress by “Just Keep Moving”.  We all need to keep doing that whether we’re able to get together or not.  If you’re like me, it’s much easier to do this if I have even one other person to buddy up with.  We can all use a little encouragement and motivation from a friend.

Our prayer group on Wednesday mornings are growing.  Even though we can’t get together physically, it’s so nice to see all that joins us virtually and learn how you’re doing and how this pandemic is affecting you.  I really like the good things coming out of this pandemic that are discussed…seeing God’s work as blessings.  It’s awesome seeing so many of you there laughing, listening, sharing, giving thanks and praying!   We have a lot to give thanks for, don’t we?

We’re going to be doing it again tomorrow (Wednesday) @ 11:30am.  We’ll get together either via phone or computer (your choice) and share, talk, listen, give thanks, and pray in however God leads us.  It’s a way for all of us to get together virtually to catch up and be there for each other and with each other.  I hope you’ll join us!

Here’s a link to our Zoom Meeting that Ashley provided for us.  Thanks Ashley!  Just click or call @ 11:30am Wednesday and you’ll be connected.  I hope to “see” you there!  😊

Topic: MS-Just Keep Moving Prayer Group

Time: This is a recurring meeting

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Meeting ID: 786 859 505

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I hope you’ll join us on Zoom!

My heart goes out to all the people and families of the people that have been affected by COVID-19.  This is really getting serious and close to home.  Whether actually having it, being exposed to it, being affected by businesses being shut down, losing your job, working on the front line, etc.  These are tough times and we really need to take it seriously and do our part of practicing social distancing and all other recommendations.  I hope you and your family are safe.  Let’s keep everyone affected in our prayers and pray we all get through this as safely as we can.

As we all go through this pandemic together, I encourage you to share a smile with someone.  Perhaps you could give someone a call that you haven’t talked with for a while just to see how they’re doing.  This pandemic is tough in many ways.  We all could use a little extra love and encouragement during these times.

I hope we get to get out and ride together soon!  We’re going to have to wait until this pandemic settles down a bit before we get our big group together to ride on Friday mornings.  I would encourage you to get out there riding with one or two other people for now.

Let’s be thankful for all the doctors, nurses and everyone in the health care that are putting themselves at risk every day and every night as they serve those with the Coronavirus.  These are amazing, selfless, courageous people!  Let’s also give thanks to all the people in the world that are working diligently to develop testing equipment and ways to treat this Coronavirus.  Let’s also give thanks for all the people that are working diligently to produce protective gear, respirators, and any other medical equipment to help us get through this pandemic. 

We may be inconvenienced in many ways but others have it much worse.  Let’s be thankful we have each other.  I know I’m thankful for you! 

We will not be getting back together at the gym yet.  We’re going to get through this COVID-19 pandemic before we do.  I love you too much to put you at risk. 

I hope you’re doing your part to “keep moving” and stay healthy during these unprecedented times we’re going through.  I’m hoping and praying that none of us get this virus and have to deal with it.

Let’s stay calm, focused, healthy, flexible, have faith and learn as much as we can about the challenges of each day and make good choices.  Hopefully we’ll be back at the gym together soon.

I love and miss you all!


P.S.  Please share how you’re doing and what you’re doing to keep moving…pictures and smiles please 😊