Lisa and Shelley are challenging themselves
I love it when people share something new they are doing…especially when they are doing it together.  It sounds like Lisa and Shelley were passing the medicine ball back and forth with each other and Dr McKenzie suggested they challenge themselves a little more by rotating around and passing it to each other.

As well as passing it above their heads.  They didn’t hesitate and enjoyed it even though they had to stay focused to keep their balance. 😊  Looks like a great exercise in so many ways.  Grab a partner and give it a try.

Steve inspired me this weekend
I happened to be at the finish line of the Ice Age 50 mile, 50K and half marathon this past weekend.  We were waiting for my son Jacob to finish his 50 mile run and then Steve came across the finish line.  He ran the ½ marathon.  This was a hilly run on trails.  It was awesome to see him come in.

Here’s a little closer shot.  Steve is always smiling…I thought his smile was awesome as he crossed the finish line!  I was so happy for him.  Great job Steve!

It’s good to see Nancy back on the trampoline!
It’s been a while since Nancy has been on the trampoline.  It sure was good to see her on it and enjoying it last week.  Thank you to the volunteers that helped her do this!

Darren and crew trike maintenance
We are so fortunate!  Darren Campbell and four engineers from Hayes Bicycle Group came over last Friday and tuned all our trikes up and our handcycle up.

Thank you so much Darren and crew!  Please come ride with us when you can 😊

Trike Trailer is working out great!
A huge thank you goes out to everyone that donated, did fund raising and made this trailer possible for us.

It’s protecting our trikes and hand cycle as well as keeping them safer and much easier for our volunteers to load them up.  It’s working out great and getting used each week for rides.  We can get more people riding now too.  We even get back to the gym quicker on Friday mornings.  We’re so thankful!

Mitch Adam’s research project at Marquette University
I don’t know if you get Multiple Sclerosis News Today e-mails or not but they wrote about the research project that Mitch presented about at our gym the week before last.  It’s good to see this type of research is happening and that we get to be part of it if we sign up for it.  Here’s a link to the article

Ed and Adam’s Podcast
Adam and Ed interviewed Sarah and Mike to share the perspective of caregivers of someone you love who lives with MS.  Another powerfull podcast!  Sarah and Mike really opened up shared so freely.  Thanks Sarah, Mike, Ed and Adam for sharing!  Well done!

You’ll want to be sure to listen to this one.  Here’s a link.

Thanks Adam, Ed and Ava for doing these podcasts together!

Who’s making progress?
MS has hit Rich really hard.  It’s so great to see him getting stronger again.  Through all his challenges with MS, Rich is always smiling, making the best of it and bringing joy to us every day he comes to the gym.  Oh…and he loves the CubsBrewers too.  😊

Golf Outing Friday, June 7th!
We are extremely fortunate that ePlatinum Health will be putting on a golf outing for us again this year.  A huge thank you goes out to Jeff, Frank, Katie and the entire ePlatinum Health team.

Great news!  All the sponsor spots, golfer spots and volunteer spots are full.  Amazing!  We are so blessed.  A huge thank you goes out to everyone that is helping and supporting us in some way.  Unfortunately, we had 12 more golfers that we didn’t have room for.  Hopefully they will consider signing up earlier next year.  I’m really sorry we couldn’t get you in this year.

Our donations for the silent auction and raffles are coming in nicely.  A huge thank you goes out to all who solicted them and to all who have donated.  We want to give the golfers a great experience.  We do however, still need more donations.  Would you be willing help gather donations?  We could really use your help.
We could use your help to insure the success of the Golf Outing which is a major funding source for our MS-Just Keep Moving mission. Some of you have been asking how you can help. We have updated our donation list. Please look at the NEW list of items we could use to complete our auction & raffle baskets. See if there is something you would be willing to donate. The list is on the easel inside the large gym.

When you bring the donations in, please put them in the fireplace room on the table marked “Donation Drop Off” and fill out the sheet with what the donation is and who it’s from.

It’s really important to us that we properly thank people for the donations.  They are much appreciated!

Yoga Moves MS
Have you heard of Yoga Moves MS in Michigan?  Here’s a link to their website

They’re a group doing wonderful things with people with MS and for people with MS in Michigan and virtually online.  They also put on really good educational programs for people with MS.  They are in person and online.  The event in the Chicago area is this Saturday!  You can find out more information and sign up for them on their website.

We are hoping to get their MS family in Michigan to engage in our Day of Endurance journey in Michigan next year.  Let’s build relationships with them and their friends with MS.

I would encourage you to attend their programs or join them virtually.  Again, here’s a link to their website for more information.

Thanks Mindy and team for all you’re doing for all of us living with MS!

Bike MS – National MS Society
Now that we have weather for bike riding, it’s time we start getting ready for the MS Bike ride that the National MS Society puts on each year.  This will be my 19th consecutive year of riding this ride.  I typically ride 150 – 200 miles over the two day ride.  This is a fundraiser to support the research and programs that the National MS Society funds for all of us living with MS.

Our MS-Just Keep Moving family has many people on many teams for this ride.  You are encouraged to join any of the teams with people from our gym.  The National MS Society is very good at making connections.  Many of us met at the Bike MS events through the years and have become friends ever since.  I hope you’ll consider joining one of our teams or suppporting us in some way.  It’s critical we support the National MS Society’s mission to stop MS in it’s tracks and find a cure for MS.

Here’s a link for information about the ride.  Dates, location, costs, etc.

Here’s link to join our Peppy Pedaler’s Team if you’d like to join our team.

Here’s link to my personal page of you’d be willing support me on this ride.  I’ll be personalizing this page in the near future.

Cal and Chrissy’s Mission trip is coming up.
There’s a box under the white table at the gym for donations to take along.  If you’re willing to contribute, here’s a list of items wanted:

  • Coloring books
  • 8packs of crayons
  • Small parachutes (10 or 12 ft)
  • Small, light frisbees or flying rings (hole in the middle)
  • 15 deflated soccer balls
  • 15 deflated small playground balls

Day of Endurance 2024 – August 24, 2024

The board at the gym is starting to show some exciting progress.  Please check it out.

Consistency is key.  Let’s exercise everyday.  It’s the gradual, consistency that our bodies will adapt to over time.  Let’s do one long workout per week so we can appreciate that we are making progress each week.  Kate can certainly help you with a program based on your abilities.  Please feel free to reach out to her.

It’s really important that we’re active and we enjoy the journey of training for the Day of Endurance…preferably “together”.  I hope you can find some workout friends to enjoy this journey with.  It can be others with MS, friends, neighbors, family members, movie stars, it doesn’t matter.  It really only takes one other person to have show up and do whatever you’re going to do each day.  You can pick different people different days.

Let’s make this a recreational adventure.  A social adventure.  A rewarding experience.  And… “share” it.  So, let’s start inviting friends and family members to join us on this journey and have some fun with it.

Please share your progress with Kate.  Kate and Mike are working together to create a way to share our progress all year.  I hope you’ll engage in the journey and make progress yourself.

Cardio and Balance Programs
These classes are aimed to get everyone exercising together.  I like that word “together” 😊.  We’ll need help from volunteers before and after the cardio class on Wednesdays to get members on and off equipment. All are welcome and encouraged to join.

Wednesdays  10-10:30am: Cardio exercise
Location: in the big room using aerobic equipment in front of big TV
Pick your favorite piece of equipment to use, bring a water bottle, and arrive a few minutes early to get the equipment set up to your height.
10:30 – 11:00am Tai Chi led by Ricky

Fridays: Head Yoga, Spin Classes, balance training & Core strengthening Classes
9:30am – 10:00am:  Head yoga led by Anne Prestwor in the fireplace room.
10-10:30 am: Seated balance class
10:30 – 11am: Standing balance class
Pick the class / classes you feel most able and comfortable participating in. We will have chairs set up to sit on and/or use for balance support. 

Email Kate at with any questions.

Friday Morning Bike Ride
Last week we had to get creative to get everyone that wanted to ride a trike riding.  It took a little while to get it figured out but once we got going, we had a nice ride despite some people going a different direction and their trike breaking down.  I guess that was part of the adventure.  We all got back safely so it was a good ride.

We have more riders than we have trikes this year so we’re going to have to be creative in order to get eveyone riding.  I’ll be sending a separate e-mail to those riding trikes.  Please respond to the e-mail so we can plan accordingly.

We’ll be meeting Friday morning at 7:00am at Nettesheim Park in Pewaukee.  It’s on the SE corner of Hwy SS and Oak Street.  The GPS address is:  N26W27495 Prospect Ave, Pewaukee, WI 53072.

Come a little early so you can get your bike out of your car and be ready to ride as close to 7:00 as possible.  We’ll ride until about 8:45.  Let’s ride and have some fun!

For those who wish you could join us but can’t; please know we have you in our hearts on these rides.  We’re riding with you and for you.  I hope you too can join us someday.

Educational Sessions

This Friday, May 17th 11:00am – noon.  Dr Kate Kern
Dr Kate Kern will be reviewing a study done with Omega 3’s and people with MS.

Friday, May 24th  11:00am – noon.  Dr Jon Stevenson – Chiropractor with Strive Integrative Health in Brookfield.
Dr Jon and his team at Strive are having great success with neuropathy and other central nervous system disorders.  Dr Jon will be presenting on different protocols they are experiencing success with patients.  He will be available for questions and answers.

Future topics could include: emotional health, nutrition, yoga, tai chi, wellness topics, safe use of gym equipment for your body, best exercise for you and more.  What topics would you like to see?  Please let Kate, Joan, Traci, Ricky or Dan know

 Let’s get together!
We’ll be getting together from 9:00am – noon on Wednesday and Friday mornings at the gym.  I hope you’ll join us!

Wisconsin Metal Parts – Westmound Building
MS-Just Keep Moving, Inc.
W228N791 Westmound Drive
Waukesha, WI 53186

Prayer Group  We’ll be having our prayer group Wednesday @ 11:00am.
I just love the way we share, pray and laugh together while we witness prayers being answered weekly.  It’s truly amazing!

Thanks goes to God and to everyone that joins us.  Let’s get together to share, listen, talk, give thanks, and pray however God leads us.

MS-Just Keep Caring – Our Caregivers support group will be the first and third Friday of each month from 10:00 – 10:30am.  The next one will be this Friday, May 17th 2024.  If you’re a caregiver of someone you love with MS, please join us and share your experience of caring for your loved one.  This has been very helpful for many.  Thanks to all who participate!

Our Facebook page is private.  That means you’ll need to join if you want access to all our fun and progress.  We’re now at 506 members.  We finally broke 500…That’s awesome!

Our Facebook page is active and fun.  Lots of people are doing more and sharing their journey on Facebook.  Feel free to join, post and share your experiences and comments.

There were some awesome pictures, videos and comments shared again this past week.  Thank you to all who are sharing!

Thai Massage with Ricky Heldt
Ricky will be here on Wednesdays doing Thai Massage.  Ricky will be taking Fridays off for a while.  Perhaps through the summer.

Ricky has a sign up board based on first come first serve.  You can pick the time slot that works for you.

Reiki with Linda  Linda will be here on Fridays doing Reiki.  Many people say Linda’s Reiki work is “magical”.  We’re thankful for Linda sharing her gifts and talents with us.  Feel free to let Linda know you’d like to do Reiki with her.  She also has a sign up sheet.

Inspirational Humor with Adam Wollert
We’ll be having our inspirational humor zoom call with Adam again next Tuesday.  Adam is a gift to all of us.  Thanks to all who joined us today!

Please join us if you can.
Tuesdays @ 1:30PM
Here’s the link to join us…I hope you do!
Join Zoom Meeting with this link

Meeting ID: 943 138 9152
Passcode: 3qP2hu
Phone:   1-312-626-6799

Let’s reach out
I encourage you to share a smile and encouragement with someone.  Perhaps you could call someone that you have not talked with for a while just to say hi and see how they are doing.  We all could use a little extra love and encouragement.

MS is tough.  Let’s have faith, remain calm, be flexible, help each other and learn as much as we can about the challenges of each day as we make good choices.

Let’s keep moving, smiling and loving 😊  It helps!

In God We Trust…we are in good hands.

P.S. It was a great week for rainbows this week.  On Cal’s 80th birthday last week, at sunrise, we had this rainbow as the sun lit the top of the trees up.

The same morning, I went for a walk and had this sunrise.  It pays to get up and out there about 5:30am.

Cal joined me for a walk and we saw this family of geese.

I shared pictures of walking with cats in the past.  This weekend, I had a chance to walk with my daughter’s dogs.  They loved being out there with me.  Here’s Emma.

And here’s Miranda 😊

I had a little fun in our backyard with the cranes again last night.  This one was excited to get some corn from my hand again.  He was saying thank you.  Bonnie is getting pretty good at taking pictures, isn’t she?

The birds sure are liking our bird bath.  This bluejay was really enjoying it.

For those who can’t get out and enjoy nature due your challenges with MS…my heart is with you.  You are with me every time I’m out there.  I enjoy being out there and I also enjoy sharing with you.  I know how hard it is not to be able to get out and enjoy nature.  Let’s enjoy nature and God’s beauty together this way.