MS РJust Keep Moving

MS can be very challenging to live with, so why not make the best of it? ¬†I’ve had my challenges and still do. ¬†Since there is no cure, we need to make the best of living with it today. ¬†I feel I’ve been extremely blessed for learning all I’ve learned from my journey of living with MS and I want to share. ¬†I’ve come from from not being able to feed myself for a while, barely walking for a year and a half, and then gaining my mobility back and being able to walk, bike, run, swim, etc. ¬†I’ve been fortunate enough to run 6 marathons, hike the Grand Canyon and make it to the start line of four Ironman Triathlons and the finish line of three while beating MS. ¬†I’m so thankful!

As a result … it has become a great passion to help other people with MS. ¬†I’m hoping we can help you in some way. ¬†It seems we all have so much to learn as MS seems to be different every day. ¬†So why not learn from each other and with each other?

We offer each other love and support as we learn together. ¬†There is so much to be learned from people who have been living with MS for 30+ years. ¬†We cover many different things such as managing our symptoms we’re having today, exercise, stretching, how our feet affect us and what we can do about it, balance, nutrition, hydration, rest, attitude, etc. ¬†Our main goal is to help each other in some way. ¬†Since we are all different and in a different spot with MS, we have many opportunities to share and learn.

It’s been amazing and rewarding to witness people who have been struggling with MS for years make tremendous progress and do things they thought were no longer possible. ¬†Consider this as my invitation to join us on Wednesday and Friday mornings. ¬†There is no charge for people with MS. ¬†This is truly about people helping people for the joy of helping someone in some way.

I hope to see you on Wednesday and Friday mornings!

Dan Erschen