We’ll be getting together from again from 9:00am – noon on Wednesday and Friday at the gym.  I hope you’ll join us!

The last day Dr Becky Thomas and the students from the physical therapy assistance program from Bryant Stratton College were here this summer; Craig came in and took some videos.  He had some conversations with some of us as well as some of the students.  He did a really nice job on this video.  Do you want to see it?  You can by clicking this link:

Once again, THANK YOU! Dr Becky, the students and to Craig for all your help!  We miss you already and look forward to you returning this fall.

We realize the virus is not gone yet but it looks like the numbers are way down and many of us have either had COVID or have been vaccinated.  We’re backing off on the mask wearing request and leave it up to you to make good decisions about wearing a mask.  If you have concerns, please wear a mask.  Either way, please be respectful.  Thank you for being so understanding, cooperative and respectful through this entire pandemic.  I’m thankful we’re getting through it.

One of the most important things you can do is to stay home if you have any symptoms or know you’ve been exposed to someone with the virus.  Please don’t come until your symptoms go away.  Let’s also give each other some space when talking to one another and continue wiping the machines down before and after you use them with disinfectant.  Let’s stay safe!

Ricky Heldt will not be here on Wednesday and Friday this week.  He’s on vacation.  Let’s hope he has a fun vacation and we look forward to seeing him again next week.

I always love the spirit of this group as we battle with our challenges of MS.  Traci came across some spirt wear that reminded her of our group so she picked it up.  Shelley wore it with pride and shared her excitement last week…fun!

You are a fighter Shelley!  We all are!  Thanks for being such a good sport!

It looks like we have a slight chance of rain for our bike ride Friday morning.  If it’s not raining, we’ll ride.  I hope you’ll join us!

We had fun last week as we had two trains of trikes out there riding together.  It’s always a party…and a challenge.  We’ve been hitting the hills lately which have been FUN.

If you’re wondering what Todd is doing in the background on the bench…he’s just sitting there.  A rare moment caught on film 😊.

We’ll be meeting Friday morning at 7:00am at Nettesheim Park in Pewaukee.  It’s on the SE corner of Hwy SS and Oak Street.  The GPS address is: N26W27495 Prospect Ave, Pewaukee, WI 53072.  Come a little early so you can get your bike out of your car and be ready to ride as close to 7:00 as possible.  We’ll ride until about 8:45.

If you need me to bring a trike or a tandem for you, please let me know as soon as you can so I can bring them.

If you’d like to ride but don’t know how you’d do it, please let me know.  We’ll do our best to figure out a way to get you riding.  We get pretty creative😊.

The National MS Society’s MS Bike ride is coming right up.  We’ll have a one day ride August 7th.  It will be a good time and we’ll be raising funds for the National MS Society which is important for us to continue supporting.  They fund research and programs for all of us living with MS.  Let’s do our part by riding in the ride together and inviting our families and friends to join us.  For all of you who wish they could ride but can’t, we’re riding for you!  We need to get this MS thing figured out.

Here’s a link to our Peppy Pedaler’s Team page:

You can join our team from this link

Here’s a link to my personal page:

You can read my story and make a donation from this link

If you’re planning to ride but are not siged up yet, please sign up.  For all of us with MS that will be riding; Joel or Nichole from the National MS Society would like to stop by and give us our “I Ride With MS” jersey for the day of the ride.  Of course, we can start wearing them as soon as we get them.

These jerseys are a sign of inspiration as you ride despite your challenges of living with MS.  They give all of us with MS an opportunity to thank people for riding as they pass us (or we pass them 😊).  If you want one…get signed up so Joel or Nichole can deliver them to us.  Don’t forget to encourage your family and friends to join you on this ride.  They are welcome to join us!

Last week, our prayer group was once again…powerful!  I just love the way we share, pray together and witness prayers being answered weekly.  Thanks goes to God and to everyone that joins us.

Our prayer group will be in person at the gym as well as on zoom this week at 11:00am on Wednesday.  We’ll get together and share, talk, listen, give thanks and pray however God leads us.

MS – Just Keep Moving Prayer Group
Wednesdays @ 11:00am
Join Zoom Meeting with this link

Meeting ID: 826 8955 7013
Passcode: keepmoving

Again, we missed Adam this afternoon on his inspirational zoom call but we still had a nice chat with the people that joined us.   We’ll be doing it again next Tuesday.  Please join us if you can…thank you!

Inspirational Humor with Adam Wollert
Tuesdays @ 1:30PM
Here’s the link to join us…I hope you do!
Join Zoom Meeting with this link

Meeting ID: 943 138 9152
Passcode: 3qP2hu
Phone:   1-312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 943 138 9152

I encourage you to share a smile with someone.  Perhaps you could give someone a call that you haven’t talked with for a while just to see how they’re doing.  We all could use a little extra love and encouragement during these times.

MS is tough.  Let’s stay calm, focused, healthy, flexible, have faith and learn as much as we can about the challenges of each day as we make good choices.  Better days are ahead.

In God We Trust!